005 I Burgman 400 Driver's Bestbackrest 3 Positions

005 I Burgman 400 Driver's  Bestbackrest 3 Positions
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  • Item #: 005 I Burgman 400 Driver's 3 Pos
  • Manufacturer: Bestbackrests.com, LLC
005 I Burgman 400 Driver's Backrest- New Feature- Now Adjustable- (All model years including "S" models and EXCEPT 2018 and 2019). As you can see from the picture, this driver's backrest has a void in the middle that makes it especially comfortable on those hot days. It is simple to install by removing two Phillips' head screws and removing your factory butt rest and sliding this right in. It is also waterproof and the color matches the seat and is affordable. It provides excellent back support and is now adjustable and is still simple to install. If you have the butt rest all the way back and desire more leg room this backrest is for you. Also, if you are not tall, the backrest can adjust closer to the front of the bike for a custom fit. Please note we now can ship worldwide via USPS international mail. Email your street address, Providence/State, postal code, and country to us for a rate (all in US funds). If you have a 2018 or 2019 and would like a Bestbackrest, this will NOT fit. However, we are looking for a customer in the lower 48, USA who has one who is willing to work with us so we can offer one. If you would one at half the retail price and are willing to give us easy to furnish dimensions, test try fittage, etc, please send us an email indicating so to customerservice@bestbackrests.com. *** Also, for international orders- At this time we are only able to take one item per order. If you would like more than one item, please submit totally separate orders. Our developers are working on this issue but at this time this is the only way we can process multiple items to international countries.
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