001I Drivers' Backrest 650 Burgman 3 Position

001I Drivers' Backrest 650 Burgman 3 Position
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  • Item #: 001I 650 Burgman Driver's
  • Manufacturer: Bestbackrests.com, LLC
001 I 650 Burgman Product Description- This drivers' backrest for all 650 Burgmans (including Executives) provides very good back support. As you can see from the picture, the support has a small void in the middle that can be cooler on very hot days as air will circulate on the back where the void is. Measurements: 11” wide, seat height 14”. Each Bestbackrests.com drivers' backrest includes all the necessary parts and installation instructions to easily adjust for a custom fit. Please note we now can ship worldwide via USPS international mail. Email your street address, Providence/State, postal code, and country to us for a rate (all in US funds). *** Also, for international orders- At this time we are only able to take one item per order. If you would like more than one item, please submit totally separate orders. Our developers are working on this issue but at this time this is the only way we can process multiple items to international countries.
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